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Wait a Minute

Wait a minute is a new typographic movement. The core is to draw peoples' attention and hoping that when people pass by the work, they stop and decode the messages hidden in the poster.

Manifesto of Wait a Minute
1) STOP and LOOK |We hold the audiences on the street. We hope that when they pass by our work, they stop, find, and decode the messages hidden in the poster. We want them to be engaged with our work, not just passively acquiring information in an easy way. 2) 3D|We liberate the type from two dimensional graphic composition into three dimensional space within a two dimensional poster. Our ultimate goal is to make people feel confused with the space. 3) PERSPECTIVE|We discard traditional subjective experiences. We give the audience the freedom to move around the type and explore it from different view-points. We show the type from different points in space and input impossible perspectives in the type to create illusion. 4) NEGATIVE & POSITIVE SPACE|We draw type with negative space to create positive space. We distort perspective with the negative and positive space. We abolish statism and demonstrate the new notion of space by reversing interior and exterior. 5) BEING KINETIC| Typography in our work must be kinetic even it is still. We explore the space with asymmetrical design, we indicate how tension, impact, and excitement can be introduce into print. We embrace chaos and deconstruction. 6) AS A WHOLE|We are active but not aggressive. Nothing is less important, each fragment in the piece is just as important as the whole. 7) VIVID COLORS|The colours we choose are always vivid and high-contrast. In order to create the distorted space, colour always plays an important role in our work, It should not be a mere embellishment added as an afterthought. 8) COLLAGE|We collage the image and the type. The images always merge with typography seamlessly. 9) SAN SERIF|San Serif reflects our notion of space exploring. It is contemporary and easy to collage. 10) SCATTERED IN GRIDS|We treat our type like elements in the universe. They should be scattered in the grids.

  • Joro Chen

  • Graphic, Typography

  • Apr, 2016