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Dream Library

The project is to create 4 different flyers for a fictional lecture that will take place 20 years later in the future. The topic I chose is "dream library". I've kept a illustrative diary of my dreams for a while. This lecture will be about how my dreams reflect my real life and how they affect my design language.

The constrains and requirements of the four iterations are 1) maximal design, 2) handmade, 3) minimal, 4)photographic , one colour only on coloured paper. For the maximal one, the images were composed by my old pictures with glitch effects to reveal the idea of the speed and 0 gravity in my nightmares. For the handmade one, I paper cut to present the idea that dream is the shadow of real life, and the circular images are the representation of endless dream. For the minimal one, the ladders and the pillows are the symbols of going into the dream. For the photographic one, I develop a dream language, which is, often in the dream, even if people don't talk, they can understand each others. So, the flyer contains 0 text, and the images play the role of the text.

  • Joro Chen

  • Graphic

  • Mar, 2016