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A Poor Gentleman in His Only Suit

Commissioned by Ming Ren Press, the motion piece is to explore the possibility of showing a poem only with animated typography. The poem "A gentleman in his only suit" is about a gentleman's philosophy of his simple life.The refraining lines in the poem becomes the main flow, followed by other visual structures. Limited color palette is adopted to reflect the simplicity of the poem, at the same time, different hand drawn typography is animated in an expressive way to make the film visually interesting. The challenge is to show the characteristic of the words through movements along with the overall flow without being too literal with the meaning of each words.

  • Ming Ren Press (明人出版社)

  • Myeong Seok Jeong

  • Joro Chen

  • Pin Hua Chen

  • Motion, Typography

  • Apr, 2017